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with these amazing benefits!
  • Your Featured Template With YOUR Design on Join Our Wedding
  • Our Vertical Tool Putting Your Business Front and Center
  • Demo Template Pages Showcasing A Real Wedding by YOU
  • Demo Template Custom Page Showcasing Your Business
  • Demo Template Custom Page Showcasing Testimonials
  • Demo Template Also placed on YOUR website for YOUR Brides
  • Link on Brides Wedding Website Shell to Your Website
  • High Visibility As Brides (and Google) Love Our Site
  • Revenue Sharing With Save The Date Cards Featuring Your Business
  • Wedding Vendor Listing With My Wedding Specialist
  • The Forever Program (click here for details)
  • Opportunity for Email Blast to All Couples Registered

We would like to invite you to be a part of the Bridal Networking Program. We devised this program to link you to the bride and groom through an invite (coming from you) to offer this fabulous wedding website. It is a white label complimentary program where only your company name appears on the header. We are only accepting Wedding Vendors that do not engage in the services of selling honeymoons or travel.

How The Program Works

It is a banner that we provide you to put on your website. When the bride and groom is on your website, it offers them the invite for the free wedding website as well as a free wedding planner. When they complete the form, you will receive all of their contact and wedding information. We do ask that you comply with all anti-spam laws as well as offer them an opt out should you decide to email them (otherwise, we will need to remove you from the program)

The vendor program is affiliated with My Wedding Specialist and My Honeymoon Specialist

Again, this entire program is complimentary to you. We supply you with an appropriate banner (again, no charge). If you want, you may also request a customized banner (for an additional fee).

For a Demo, Please Contact Us at (800) 949-9897 or email us at 

My Wedding

Upon enrollment, we will send you the banner ad (with code).
Upon completion, we will add your Company Name, Contact Info and Link to your website on My Wedding

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