Advance Travel Planning Suggestions

Staying In Communication

Advance trip planning and setting up communications is important to keep in touch with those that you want or need to.  Secrets Royal Beach has free Wi-Fi so it’s a good idea to do some research as there are several communication options available.  You may just want to use email, text or messenger if any of those are already your preferred method.  If you are already on Facebook, that’s an easy way to connect and post pictures as well.  For a more interactive connection you may consider facetime or zoom.  Others to look at would be Instagram, Telegram, Tango or Viber ( Viber works well for texts, picture texts, phone calls, etc.).  What’s App is a free app that you can install on your phone as well (many in destination transfer companies recommend this app as it’s very convenient and easy to use) but just be aware that if you download this app, it automatically connects you with other friends using this app and may send automated messages.  Also if/when deleting this app from your phone, it’s fully integrated so there are several steps vs. just a one click uninstall.  

If you plan on using your cell phone to make calls, check with your phone carrier for any additional charges (i.e. data, connection charge, roaming charges, etc.) or see if they offer pre-purchase calling plans.  

Advance Planning List

1,  Give resort info to family/friends just in case they need to reach you (Secrets Royal Beach’s number is: 866.467.3273).
2. Make 2 copies of your passport.  Give one to a trusted family member or friend and travel with the other but keep it separate from your actual passport.  This way if your passport is lost or stolen you’ll have all the information to get it replaced to travel back home.
3. If you haven’t done so yet, create a folder on your email and keep all docs pertaining to travel (itinerary, airline confirmations, travel insurance, etc.) in there.   This way you can easily locate them when necessary.  
4. Go over bills that will be due while you are away on vacation and schedule to pay them. 
5. Start setting up car arrangements to the airport.  If you plan to drive, check to see if there is a Park and Fly, a Fast Park or something similar near the airport that will save you some $ as airport parking can get expensive.  If you plan to stay at a hotel close to the airport the evening before departure, find one that offers a complimentary shuttle to the airport so that you could leave your car at the hotel.  
6. Order any medication at this time that you may need during your trip. 

Taking pictures

Taking photos is undoubtedly a must when you are on vacation.  Whether you use your cell phone camera or a regular camera (or even both) is something you should decide well in advance of your departure date.  If you’re not familiar with all the features of how either one works, now would be the optimal time to learn about them.  Every device is different and you can always refer to you tube videos to learn a little bit more about the one you plan to bring.  This will help you decide whether you want to utilize things like zoom, blur background, etc.  After learning about your device, practice taking photos outside as well as indoors to see the results.  If you plan to take a regular (non-rechargeable battery powered) camera, now is a great time to check your supply of batteries.  If low, put this on your shopping list to buy.  This way you’ll avoid having to purchase them at the resort (which can be very expensive) and you’ll also have them readily available while you are on your vacation (and keep a couple on hand especially if leaving the resort for an excursion).   Make sure to take only alkaline batteries as you cannot bring lithium batteries on the aircraft.  If you decide to use your cell phone as your camera, check to see how much memory your phone has.  If the memory is low and your phone has a slot for an SD card, bring an extra one or consider purchasing a memory card.  In addition to taking your own photos while you are on vacation, you can also check with the resort to see if they offer on site photography and photography packages.  If so, you might consider hiring the resort photographer for a session. As a side note, if you plan to snorkel or go scuba diving, purchasing (bringing) an underwater camera may come in very handy as well.

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