Traveling Tips and Helpful Suggestions


Traveling Tips / Helpful Suggestions

  1. Make sure to bring your valid passport  to the airport as this is required for boarding the aircraft.
  2. If you receive an airline schedule change, immediately check your seats again. With a new aircraft sometimes the seats from the previous flight are not reassigned, esp with a different type of aircraft.
  3. DO NOT pack your valuables in your checked luggage.
  4. Reconfirm flights in both directions 24 hours in advance.
  5. Check with the airline to find out how early you need to be at the airport.
  6. Make sure all electronics are fully charged before arriving at the airport.
  7. If you are able to and decide to print your boarding passes before you arrive at the airport, reconfirm your gate with the airport electronic display board or at the check in counter.
  8. Advise your credit card company/bank that you will be traveling outside of the country (let them know the location and that you will be placing charges on your card from there)
  9. When packing, use plastic (or even better zip lock) bags for anything liquid including nail polish, creams, any sort of liquid make up, suntan lotion, skin so soft, etc – you want to make sure to protect anything that you have. Put those things on the outside pocket of the suitcase. On your return home, if your bathing suit is still wet, you can use one of the bags to insulate that item as well.
  10. Don’t forget your medications/vitamins and if transferring bottles, remember to label them. It is best to keep medication and drugs in their original container (with the doctor’s instructions printed on the bottle). For psychotropic drugs such as valium or opiate derivatives and/or if you don’t have the original container, bring a copy of your prescription if available along with a letter from your doctor explaining your condition and why you need this medication. Travel with no more than you need for your personal use during your stay. A rule of thumb: Bring no more than a 90-day supply of medication. Three non prescriptive items that may come in handy are Imodium, Antacids and Benadryl.
  11. Do not bring any liquids over 3.4 oz with your carry on. Place all items in one single quart-size, zip-top bag of clear plastic. At security, remove your quart-size bag and place it in a bin. Call the airline for any exceptions (i.e. medications, saline solution, etc.). Do not bring soda or liquor as you go through security before you board; this will be taken from you as it constitutes liquid over 3.4 oz.  For liquids greater than 3.4 oz make sure it goes into your checked luggage.
  12. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Federal law prohibits the carriage of certain hazardous materials, such as aerosols, fireworks, and flammable liquids, aboard an aircraft. If you do not understand these restrictions contact your airline.
  13. Pack the following items in your carry on: toiletries (toothbrush, soap, no liquids larger than 3.4 oz), underwear, swimsuit, shorts, a polo / tee shirt and a long sleeve shirt in case your luggage is lost (or you get separated from it for any length of time). The long sleeve shirt would come in handy if the aircraft is cold.
  14. Pack a small flashlight in case you experience any power outages. It could even be fun to use while walking along the beach in the evening.
  15. Pack the following items in your purse or carry on luggage that you will most likely need / use while traveling: pen, ear buds, plane pillow (this one you could put around your neck to save room), book/magazine/ipad/tablet, and tissues.
  16. When traveling, keep your cash and valuables at the bottom/hard to reach place/ or zippered pocket of one of your carry ons. Keep an eye on your luggage and your passport at all times. Keep your passport in a secure place when not in use.
  17. For all inclusive resorts, tip the driver from the airport (and on your return trip) as well as drivers on excursions, They do not work for the resort. Also, tip the baggage handlers at the airport. Take single and five dollar bills with you.
  18. At the airport upon landing and also on your vacation, be aware of timeshare / vacation clubs. There are a lot of pitfalls that they don’t tell you about them as they want to try and get you to buy.
  19. Hotels and resorts (even all inclusive resorts generally require a credit/debit card authorization upon check-in for incidentals (such as gift shop, phone usage from room, spa treatments or anything that is not on the all inclusive plan). If you have a credit card, bring it with you. If you are bringing a debit card, resorts can put a hold on your funds (like $300 or so); just be aware. If you don’t provide a credit/debit card, a cash deposit is required upon check-in for incidentals.
  20. If parking at the airport, take a photo of your parking spot location (either with your phone or camera). In addition, write down parking spot location, spot number and lot info.
  21. Unless your luggage has an unusual pattern, place a ribbon or some identifying item on it so that you can easily spot it at the baggage claim area. This also helps/prevents someone else walking off with it by accident. It’s not even a bad idea to take a photo of your luggage in case somehow it does get lost and makes it easy for the hotel/airline to identify it. It’s also a good idea to have a few articles of clothing in each other’s luggage for the “just in case” scenario.
  22. Don’t bring any livestock or things such as live floral, etc as you can be stopped at immigration.
  23. Anything that can be deemed questionable when checking in at the airport (razor, scissors, even a selfie stick) pack in your checked luggage. Some airports deny these items for carry on. Even consider expensive items such as lotions and make-up. Even if you pack an item accordingly that may not stop the TSA agent from taking it. Here is a link to the guidelines that you can print and bring with you: Airport Security Screening For Travel
  24. If you experience any problems at the resort please address these while you are still there. You can speak to someone at the front desk/concierge services, request to speak to the hotel manager and/or contact me.
  25. If you need or plan to call any companies that you only have the toll free # to, then get the local/direct numbers before you leave as most locations out of the county will not connect with toll free numbers.
  26.  Secrets Royal Beach is all inclusive (meals, unlimited drinks, activities, fitness center, 24 hour room service, entertainment, etc. some items are at an additional cost (i.e. Spa Treatment, Off-Site Excursions – so please inquire for cost before signing up for anything additional).
  27. After you travel, consider using a document shredder to dispose of your boarding pass. At the very least rip it up into tiny pieces before throwing it away. Two Dimensional BarCodes or QR codes hold quite a bit of information (your account info, future flights, emergency phone numbers, frequent flyer numbers, etc.). This information can also be retrieved from certain websites if uploading a photo of your boarding pass to your facebook page or any other social media site. If you really wish to upload a photo of your boarding pass, then obfuscate the barcode. For more info and additional reading, visit the following link: What’s In A Boarding Pass Barcode and an article (April of 2018): 
  28. Your travel package includes round-trip ground transfers once you land at the Punta Cana airport. Instructions are in your travel docs as to how to identify/find your transfer company (i.e. name of the company what the representatives will be wearing that can include color of shirts, logo, signs, etc. and where they will be stationed). Make sure you look for the name of the transfer company and do not accept offers from others that approach you and claim that you are supposed to go with them.
  29.  Remember to stop your mail or have someone pick up your mail for you.
  30. When flying, leave phone on airplane mode or turn off data.
  31. Bring a beach bag.
  32. Take an extra pair of prescription (or reading) glasses if you wear them.
  33. Put one outfit in the other person’s luggage (or mix the packing in case one piece of luggage gets lost).
  34. Bring a vacuumed sealed bag (manual one) for dirty clothes.
  35. Inquire or be aware of airline luggage fees (for check in and/or carry on).
  36. Effective July 9, 2018, lithium batteries that are installed in any checked or carry-on baggage must be removed. Once removed, these batteries can be transported on board. Smart bags that do not have a removable battery cannot travel on the air carrier.

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