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What To Bring To The Domincan Republic


While On The Plane

For traveling and comfort while on the plane: wear a short sleeve shirt and bring a long sleeve shirt or sweater just in case the aircraft is cold. In addition, a plane pillow can be comfy as well. There are a variety of travel pillows available on the market. They come in different shapes and are composed of different materials. The U Shaped Travel Pillow is the easiest one to travel with as you can easily wear it around your neck. The ones that have a polyester (stretchable spandex) cover and filled with microbeads are extremely comfortable while providing great support for your head and neck. Check out online reviews for travel pillows or perhaps visit a local store. This way you can try out what they offer. Walmart, Target as well as Bed, Bath and Beyond sell them. As another benefit they are useful even after the trip (i.e. a long car ride, train ride, future vacations, supplement to regular sleeping pillow, etc.)
For take off and landing, earplugs can effectively regulate pressure caused by the change in altitude and your inner ear to reduce/eliminate ear discomfort so having those with you can be a great convenience.  As an added suggestion, have some gum for flight take off and landing.
Smart locks can be purchased for your checked luggage which then can be easily tracked if someone else at the airport retrieves it. Do research on companies before purchasing one. It’s rumored that TSA loves them and has a habit of taking them so be thorough in your reviews of which one to buy if you are inclined to do so.

For The Daytime

For the daytime when you are in the Domincan Republic, you’ll need casual summerware: shorts, tee shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, bathing suit cover ups, sandals/flip-flops, walking shoes/sneakers, and socks. Secrets Royal Beach has Yoga on the beach in the morning so if you plan to participate, yoga pants or yoga/athletic shorts are good to bring as well. You’ll also want to bring a pair of sunglasses and a sun visor or a hat. While not essential, even an extra pair of sunglasses may come in handy. Hair ties/scrunchies/bobby pins and barrettes should be part of your packing list as they can be useful also. If you are planning on doing any outside excursions that involve water and/or the ocean, depending on the type of excursion you might want to bring or purchase/bring a pair of water shoes; even nose plugs can come in handy.  Another very important item to have while on vacation is sun protection so if you don’t have any sunscreen or suntan lotion, make a point to add that to your shopping list. The sun rays are extremely strong in the Domincan Republic. In addition, purchasing hydro-cortisone and aloe vera for sunburn is a good idea even if just for a soothing and cooling effect. Sand fleas and mosquitoes will invite themselves to your resort or destination at various times of the year so a good remedy is Skin So Soft (made by Avon) or insect repellent (towels or spray) to ward them off. Skin So Soft also has a great fragrance and can be used in the tub as well. Buy the small spray bottle (it’s available on Amazon). Another great accessory to have with you is a case or water proof pouch for your cellphone. For your lounge chairs, beach chair clips will keep your towels in place.  With all these essential and incidental items, a beachbag is an easy and convenient way to carry them around.

For Evening Attire

For the evening attire, bring casually elegant summerware: tops/blouses, pants/slacks and collared shirts (esp for the men at dinnertime), pants outfit, casual cotton dresses/sundresses, skirts, stockings, dress socks, dress shoes/dress sandals as well as cotton socks and casual shoes. Make sure to bring a white oufit for a leisurely choice as it always wears well in the caribbean. Bring a small purse for your cell phone, room card, lipstick, etc. All of the rooms come with hair dryers but if you’d like to style your hair even more so, then a curling iron would be ideal to bring.

For Sleeping, bring a light pair of pajamas as well as a heavier a pair (or sweatshirt/warm top) just in case the room is a little cool. Secrets Resorts provides in room bathrobes and slippers.

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