Secrets Royal Beach Restaurants

- For anyone's culinary taste or preference -

Secrets Royal Beach Cuisiine

Offering a total of 8 gastronomic options including 5 à la carte, 1 buffet, 1 café and a grill. 24-hour dining options allow guests to stay in and order room service. It’s all available at any hour day or night. All restaurant openings rotate throughout the week. Number of restaurants open for each meal is dependent upon occupancy levels. No reservations
are required.

Bluewater Grill

Grilled specialties
• Approximate seating capacity: 102
• Dress Code: Casual


• Enjoy gourmet à la carte French cuisine in an elegant atmosphere with wine cellar*

• Approximate seating capacity: 104
• Dress Code: Formal

El Patio

El Patio is an invitation to set off on a Mexican journey to delectable delights; the restaurant features a contemporary
cool atmosphereApproximate seating capacity: 146
• Dress Code: Casual Elegance


• Fusion of a la carte Pan-Asian and Hibachi delicacies
• *Reservations are required for seating at Teppanyaki tables
• Approximate seating capacity: 118
• Dress Code: Casual

La Riviera

• A buffet-style restaurant serving a variety of local and international cuisine
• Air-conditioned restaurant with outdoor seating available
• Approximate seating capacity: 435
• Dress Code: Casual

Barefoot Grill

• Delicious burgers and hot dogs served beachside
• Dress Code: Casual


Beach location,  stunning ocean views
• Authentic à la carte seafood and Mediterranean specialties restaurant
• *Breakfast and Lunch served for Preferred Club guests only
• Dress Code: Casual

Coco Café

• Premium coffee & snacks in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.
• Dress Code: Casual

Secrets Royal Beach offers guests a variety of cuisine to suit any discerning palate from gourmet French fare to Pan-Asian delicacies. Their chefs use only the freshest local ingredients and the finest imported delicacies to make every meal a true culinary experience. Plus, no reservations are ever needed. Room service is available 24 hours a day. For an especially intimate evening, request a meal privately served by the sea (available for an extra fee; must be booked in advance through the concierge).

Dominican Republic

Offered on Property

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